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Open in Courtown for Brunch, Dinner, Booze & Bantz! Order online or call 089 238 5686 for table reservations

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GEEK restaurant in Courtown is a must-visit for food enthusiasts and pop culture fans alike. Combining a tasteful, themed atmosphere with top-quality dishes, this establishment has quickly become one of my favorite dining experiences in the area.

The culinary offerings at GEEK are nothing short of phenomenal. The burgers stand out as some of the best I’ve had in Courtown, boasting perfectly cooked, juicy patties and delectable toppings. Not to mention, the portions are incredibly generous, ensuring that no diner leaves hungry.

The decor at GEEK creates a subtle, yet engaging ambiance. Numerous pop culture references are woven throughout the space, from the artwork to the cleverly concealed bathrooms behind a Platform 9 ¾ door. The design strikes a balance between playful and tasteful, allowing diners to enjoy the references without feeling overwhelmed.

GEEK restaurant is a fantastic dining option in Courtown that offers exceptional food and a distinctive atmosphere. Whether you’re a die-hard pop culture fan or simply seeking a delicious meal, GEEK is a destination that shouldn’t be missed

Lee B.

Local Guide

One thing I would change. Nothing.. best Burger I have ever had. Topped chips were fit for a king. If you want the best food in gorey come here.. I’m one happy customer 😊

Ben Murphy

Deliciously flavoursome food with quirky twists. Clever cocktails!